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Celebrity Diet

Not every celebrity is a natural-born size eight. Some of them actually have to work hard to achieve and maintain their red-carpet-ready figures. So how do they do it?
Undoubtedly, there are some loony diet plans out there with more than one celeb following them; however others stick to sensible and realistic regimes, which achieve great results without sending you gaga. We take eight celebs and show you how to slim like a star.
Geri Eats for Health
The former Spice Girl may not be the first person you'd associate with 'sensible eating'. However, after her much-publicised battles with bulimia, excessive exercise and every weird dieting trend going, Geri Halliwell has at last found the solution to her weight-watching woes. 'I had many years of yo-yo dieting,' she says 'but thankfully, for the past two years now I've not been on a single diet, they just don't work for me.'

Instead, Geri has ditched her dodgy dieting practices, which saw her weight plummet to a tiny seven stone at one point, and regained her famous curves by eating a sensible, fruit-and-vegetable-heavy three meals a day. 'When I turned 30 I stopped trying to control things. I stopped trying to be perfect all the time. I eat to be healthy now rather than to be thin.'

Geri has since gained over a stone and says that the return of her curves has been a big bonus for her love life. 'When I was skinny, my love life was like a desert, but the minute I got a few pounds on me, it all changed!'
Gwyneth Goes Organic
Until the birth of her daughter Apple four months ago, Gwyneth Paltrow famously followed a strict macrobiotic diet plan, which banned all meat, eggs, dairy and caffeine. However, during pregnancy Gwyneth bloomed and she puts the weight gain down to the fact that she ditched the rabbit food and instead indulged her cravings for toasted cheese sandwiches and chips.

Since the baby's arrival, Gwyneth has resumed a healthier eating plan, although she admits she's not as strict on herself as she once was. 'I try to eat as organically as possible and I steer clear of candy because I don't think there's any energy in it,' she says. 'I simply try not to eat any over-manufactured foods that aren't naturally welcome in my body. I try not to eat anything "toxic" that will drain my energy.'
Weight Watchers Works for Claire
TV presenter Claire Sweeney readily admits that she's no natural bean pole, but these days maintains her nine-and-a-half-stone figure by following an online diet plan. After trying every diet going, including a detox plan, which she stuck out for just four days, and Atkins, which she says made her lose energy and gave her a kidney infection, Claire signed up to Weight Watchers online.

After entering her height and weight, the programmed told her how many 'points' she could eat each day, which she loved because it meant that she could eat sensibly but enjoy the odd treat too but lose weight at the same time. She also maintains the plan by following a 'five days on, two days off' rule. This, combined with regular gym sessions three times a week, has helped Claire stay trim but still enjoy the odd trip to the chippy.
Heidi's Weekly Photos in the Buff
After supermodel Heidi Klum gave birth to daughter Leni earlier this year, she stunned fans by slipping back into her svelte frocks just weeks after the birth. So how did she do it? As well as sticking to a moderate but sensible daily 1700-2000 calories a day (any lower is not a good idea for new mums) and working out at the gym at least three times a week, Heidi took weekly photos of herself in the buff so she could spot the way her body was changing.

A little excessive maybe, but Heidi swears it kept her focused on sticking to her plan. 'I've never been a stick figure,' she says, 'and if I could pay someone to go to the gym for me, I would. This was a way of helping me stick to the plan.' It obviously worked. Heidi shed the 30lbs she gained during pregnancy within six months of her baby's birth. Wonder what she did with the photos?
Claudia's Three-meals-a-day Plan
According to supermodel and mother-of-two Claudia Schiffer, a sensible, three-meals-a-day plan is the way only way to maintain her catwalk curves. 'I don't diet because it messes up your metabolism,' she says. 'Instead I eat three meals a day, particularly lots of fruit for breakfast because it's cleansing and quickly digested by the body and I try hard not to snack in-between meals. But if I want a piece of chocolate or a biscuit, then I have one. Denial makes you crave something even more.'

As well as sticking to a three-meals-a-day plan, Claudia tries to eat organically. 'I like my food to be as natural and unpolluted by chemicals as possible so I always eat organic.'
Patsy Learns to Look After Herself
Emmerdale star Patsy Kensit once weighed as little as seven stone and was no stranger to the world of crash dieting. However, after she split from third husband Liam Gallagher, she enlisted the help of a personal trainer and learned how to look after herself properly.

That meant learning to eat sensibly. Nowadays Patsy says she eats 'three meals a day but very little wheat, dairy or sugar. Instead meals consist of things like tuna steak, jacket potatoes and salad plus lots of fresh fruit.'

Patsy also loves to run and works out with weights every day. She readily admits she's much happier with her figure these days. 'When I weighed seven stone I was very unhappy,' she says. 'I basically didn't eat. I'm really happy with how I look now and I
feel so much better for it.'
Drew Does it in Moderation
Charlie's Angels star Drew Barrymore stands out in Hollywood for being one of the few actresses around who has natural feminine curves and sometimes has to battle with her weight. Standing at just 5ft 4in tall, every pound Drew gains or loses is easily noticed so it's a good job she has a healthy attitude to food.

Formerly a strict vegetarian, Drew now occasionally eats meat but says 'I don't eat a ton of meat, but if I feel my body needs some, then I'll eat it. I don't put strict limitations on myself anymore, if I want something, I'll have it but in moderation.' As well as being sensible and eating three meals a day, consisting mostly of organic fruit and vegetables, Drew satisfies her sweet tooth with Diet Coke and low-fat jelly.

She also ensures that fun forms of exercise are incorporated into her daily routine. These include swimming, jogging, dancing and er, crazy golf. She says, 'It doesn't matter how you raise a sweat, so long as you have fun doing it.'
Kerry's Jungle Diet
When she was crowned Queen of the Jungle last year, former Atomic Kitten Kerry Katona was thrilled not only with her new title but also with her dramatic weight loss. Shedding an incredible 10 lbs from her 5ft 3in frame, Kerry vowed to stick to her jungle diet, which saw her drop from a size 12 to a size 8.

As well as hiring a personal trainer and visiting the gym three times a week, Kerry kept the pounds off by cutting out alcohol during the week, eating wholegrain rice and pasta, fish and steamed vegetables and salad dishes, instead of the chips she confesses she loves. She also keeps a 'before' and 'after' picture of herself on her fridge in order to prevent to any potential pig-outs. 'I'm a lazy cow at heart,' admits Kerry, 'but I found the jungle-style diet and exercise.

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