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Dance Yourself Slim

Many of us find exercise hard work. Here's good news: Dance workout is a great way to give the body a total aerobic workout and burn up calories. It takes the 'work' out of the exercise session and replaces it with 'fun'! It gives you a better sense of well-being. Besides, dancing is a great mood-lifter.

Dance to be fit!
Here are the health benefits that dancing provides:

  • It helps tone muscles, strengthen bones and lose weight.
  • Dance workout is extremely aerobic -- it uses oxygen, burns calories and increases your heart's workload.
  • Dance workout can burn as many calories as walking, swimming or riding a bicycle.

In fact, a moderate dance workout burns seven calories per minute. Vigorous dancing (like Salsa aerobics) burns as many as 100 calories in 10 minutes. On average, one can burn 420 to 700 calories in a dance class. Dance workout is a great way to be fit. "You can lose 3-4 kilos in a month, just by doing 3 x 30 minute dance workout per week. The key is to do it regularly and really give it your all. Don't cheat!"

Dance workout has its benefits too
Dance workout may not provide all the conditioning you need, but it can help. The degree of cardiovascular conditioning depends on how vigorously you dance, how long you dance continuously and how regularly you dance workout.

Practitioners agree, "To get the exercise benefits of dancing, approach it as you would any workout routine. Do some movement for at least 30 consecutive minutes, three times a week, for cardiovascular benefits.

"Make sure you warm up and cool down before and after the session."

"If you dance workout vigorously enough and don't need to lose much weight, you won't have to walk or do any other exercise. But if you are overweight, you will need to walk or jog the other days of the week."

Salsa Workout
Dancing the Salsa Workout is one of the best forms of exercise.
Some of the health and fitness benefits of dancing the Salsa Workout are:

  • Weight loss and muscle gain.
  • It boosts your physical endurance and range of motion
  • It increases your flexibility.

Quick facts

  • Salsa Workout teaches you how to exert greater control over your body. It is a complete workout for the legs and hips, but you will have greater muscle tone all over.
  • Dancing the Salsa Workout can burn up to 10 calories a minute.
  • It does not have harmful side effects caused by high impact exercises like running.
  • On an average, you can burn 400 calories after an hour of a Salsa Workout .

The last word

Expert say, "Dance Workout is an excellent way to de-stress. Dance Workout should emphasise on having fun along with aerobics and being fit. It is a lot more fun than going to the gym and working out individually. Here, you work as a team. It is a superb way to go to classes and make new friends too. The best benefit from dance workout is that it feels good and because of that you look good”.

So, if the gym doesn't appeal to you, sign up for a dance workout class pronto!

Get your trainers on! Get ready! Get your whole body moving and burn lots of calories.

Warm Up: spend 5 minutes just bopping around your living room.

Slow Stretches: hold in your tummy muscles to protect your back.
Stretch for at least 20 times.

Dance Workout: repeat each dance routine (5 minutes per routine) e.g. The Wiggle Waggle, The Can-Can, The Flamenco, The Latin Shuffle or select 7 songs of your favourite CD to dance workout to.


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