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Herbal Remedies for a Healthy Life

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Diets Through the Decades

Over the decades diets have been launched claiming they are the best and hoping to find the key to success for weight management. However obesity and our waist have risen! We seem to be going round in circles, the Atkins which emerged in the 1970s is now back again! However there is no shortcut to losing weight. We believe eating less and exercise more is the key.

THE 60's
Weightwatchers was launched in 1968 and has since developed into on of the largest dieting clubs in the world with 120,000 regular members in the UK alone. Its plan is to follow a points system where members can choose whatever foods they want as long as they do not exceed their points quota for the day.

This is a sensible diet as you can eat what you want but just need to watch your calorie intake (by matching points to foods). It also promotes exercise.

THE 80's
Rosemary Connolly’s Hip & Thigh Diet arrived in 1983, based on eating low-fat meals combined with exercise.

This is generally the right approach to a healthy lifestyle however when you lose weight it comes off your body equally, not just from your hips and thighs.

Slimfast is a meal replacement diet consisting of two milkshakes or soups a day then a normal meal in the evening.

This diet may leave you tired and fatigued during the day. Like other meal replacement diets you don’t change your eating habits therefore when you come off the it you put the weight on again.

THE 70's
The Beverley Hills Diet was dreamt up by actress Judy Mazel, claiming you could lose a stone in 35 days. It involved eating only fruit for the first 10 days, then slowly re-introducing carbs and protein. It also promoted eating pineapple for its “fat-burning” effects.

Eating fruit for 10 days is a difficult thing to do and will not provide you with the nutrients needed.

THE 90's
The Atkins Diet advises cutting out carbs and eating unlimited protein and fat. Endorsed by a lot of celebrities.

The thing about this diet is that you are missing out on essential vitamins, minerals and fibre that carbs provide. Good for short-term weight loss but hard to stick to over long-term.

The Zone Diet is a plan that helps to optimise your body’s metabolism and blood sugars. Meals are made up by 40% carbs, 40% protein & 30% fat.

It is difficult to get the right balance with this diet depending on individuals bodies.

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