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Home Tan
homeTan™ max RUVA+B x9

6ft x 9 Tube, Slimline Curve Foldaway, Swivel-Adjustable Floor Stand

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Home Tan max RUVA+Bx9

Home Tan, max UVA+B £999
Evolution 200W 6ft x 9 Tubes
Slimline Curve Foldaway

Medical Narrow Band

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Home Tan, max UVA+B x9 6ft £999
Fast Tanning Results, Tan in Minutes.
Fast, Deep Dark Glowing Tan. Free P&P
homeTan™ max RUVA+B x9

£999 INCLUDES FREE 10 DAY DELIVERY (Free delivery to the UK & Ireland)

  • Evolution 6ft 200w RUVA 3.4% UVB
  • High UVB Output (helping you achieve a long-term deep dark tan)
  • Dual safety timer
  • All 6ft Units fit 9 Tubes
  • Dimensions: Length 1900mm, Width 685mm
  • Free Info Pack (Skin Type Quick & Easy Usage Guide)
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Fully Insured Fast Delivery (UK & Ireland)
  • Best Prices across Europe
  • UK Based
  • Approved Quality Tubes
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Privacy and security guaranteed, customer satisfaction guaranteed, best prices fast delivery guaranteed.
homeTan™ max RUVA+B x9

(6ft x 9 Tube Foldaway)

The attractive modern design of the homeTan™ max RUVA+B x9 (6ft Foldaway) combined with its many features makes it the most cost-effective and ultimate home treatment to help you achieve a long-term deep dark tan in the privacy of your own home.

Manufactured from the latest technology composite materials (Acrylic Capped A.S.A plastic and UPVC). The homeTan™ max RUVA+B x9 (6ft Foldaway) is extremely robust yet also lightweight and elegant. The ideal tanning accelerator for home use to help benefit you with a deep glowing tan year round, leaving you feeling revitalised with vibrant looking skin!



Medical Narrow Band
  • Home use homeTan™ max RUVA+B x9 (we advise you to practice safe tanning).
  • Do you find sun effective treatment e.g .homeTan™ max RUVA+B x9 a great way in keeping your skin healthy and glowing?
  • Would you like to invest in a life changing homeTan™ max RUVA+B x9 (6ft) Foldaway 9 Tube Lamp?
  • Do you require the highest quality specification, in the convenience of your home?
  • homeTan™ max RUVA+B x9 (6ft) offers the safest and most effective RUVA & High UVB spectrum bulbs available.
  • homeTan™ max RUVA+B x9 tubes have proved to be successful in clients developing a faster, deeper and darker tan, and so are better tolerated for home use.
  • homeTan™ max RUVA+B x9 (6ft) has full length and curved for maximim coverage with high UVB output tubes to promote a fast tan with less harm to the skin.
  • homeTan™ max RUVA+B x9 (6ft) units are fitted with dual safety timer for accurate dosage (UV Treatment Skin Type quick step, easy to follow guidelines are provided).
  • homeTan™ max RUVA+B x9 (6ft) can be tilted to any angle or placed horizontally for restful treatment while lying on your bed, and can be tilted upright for space saving and easy storage.
  • homeTan™ max RUVA+B x9 (6ft) complete with a free guide and skin type treatment plan table. This unit will offer you the safest and most effective treatment in the comfort of your own home. Without the risk of over exposure, and to enable you to successfully manage your own treatment.
  • Replacement Tubes - The tubes only need to be replaced after approximately 150 hours of use (20min/wk = 8yrs). Replacement tubes are available. If you are considering using UVB or UVA light tubes, always ensure that the tubes have a seal of approval. Developed and manufactured in the UK in association with Total Quality Management expertise to satisfy the high standards of reliability, function and safety.

The homeTan™ max RUVA+B x9 is a powerful tan therapy unit for full body tanning.

homeTan™ max RUVA+B x9 model is mounted on a moveable stand to facilitate positioning for treatment and can be readily stored in the vertical position to save space when not in use. The treatment times can be dosed exactly with the electronic safety timer, which optimises your tanning therapy results. The homeTan™ max RUVA+B x9 unit tanning therapy guide allows you to apply the correct treatment time.

This tanning unit contains high UVB lamps and is slightly rounded with a slim-line curve in design to match the contours of the body, thus allowing for shorter exposure times. The swivel-adjustable homeTan™ max RUVA+B x9 tan therapy unit with its single tilt can be swivelled through the vertical and horizontal axis, making the unit convenient for treatment when sitting, standing or lying. When used at home we would recommend moisturising and care of your skin condition.

Why use UVA+B Tanning Treatment?

If you are one of the fortunate ones who react positively to the sun, by using the homeTan™ max RUVA+B x9 Unit, for the first time will enable you to benefit with positive fast-acting tanning treatment to condition your skin all the year round – in the privacy of your own home.

By using units such as the homeTan™ max RUVA+B
, it has now been recognised that the therapy involving UVB rays, the ultraviolet spectrum of the sun, is effective for a more deeper and long lasting tan, which can be conveniently used in your own home.

All units (excluding uv tubes) have a 1 year warranty*, and carriage is fully insured.

Normal delivery is within 10 business days (allow up to 14 days for FREE DELIVERY ) **Book Now!**

Home Tan, max UVA+B £999
Evolution 200W 6ft x 9 Tubes
Slimline Curve Foldaway


Tan Girl

homeTan™ max RUVA+B x9

  • Length 1900mm (75")
  • Width 685mm (27")

homeTan™ max RUVA+B x9
Special Features

  • All 6ft models fit 9 tubes RUVA 200W, High UVB
  • All units are curved to give an all over UV effective treatment
  • Appropriate electronic safety timer fitted to conform to current legislation
  • Fully adjustable, spring assisted stand

homeTan™ max RUVA+B x9
also includes:-

  • Adjustable floor castors
  • Acrylic safety screens
  • Vent pockets & cooling system
  • 1 year warranty *
  • FREE UK & Ireland Delivery within 10 Days
  • Best Value Check Online

Replacement Tubes

Tubes only need to be replaced after approximately 150 hours of use (20min/wk = 8yrs).

  • Replacement tubes are available.
  • If you are considering using UVA/B light tubes, always ensure that it has the seal of approval.

We sell both RUVA, High UVB (Tanning Units) & UVB Narrow Band Units

For more details on our UV product range:

Canopy, Tanning (Cosmetic) lamps. UVB Narrow Band (Medical) units / RUVA/ High UVB, 6ft Single Canopy


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